Secret Blisters

Print Club are at it again and this time it's Secret Blisters! This annual screen printed poster bonanza still has 35 prints by 35 artists in editions of 35 all hand-pulled, signed and numbered, but this year the artists identities will be kept a secret.

They want people to buy the prints they love and not ones they know are by the big names. There should be a great selection though if it's anything like last year and artists, Miles Donovan, Anthony Burrill, Kate Moross, Jody Barton and Eine are already confirmed to have contributed.

The exhibition runs from 26 - 28 June 2009 at MC Motors, Dalston E8. Events over the weekend include printing your own Pure Evil Tee - Pull a 'Pure Evil' on Saturday and an auction selling framed 1st edition prints from the show on Sunday.

Sounds like a fun weekend. Click here for more info.

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