Derek Yaniger at Castor + Pollux

Derek Yaniger's Wildsville exhibition, is coming to our favourite local gallery, Castor + Pollux on the 26 June and running until 20 July. The exhibition will contain a selection of old and new prints and will have signed copies of his new book, 'Wildsville; the art of Derek Yaniger' available too!

Originally from Arkansas, Yaniger now lives in Georgia designing and printing his own work which is regularly published in Atomic, Barracuda and Car Kulture Deluxe. Over the years he's also created illustrations for companies like Marvel Comics and the Cartoon network.

His cool, retro illustrations are fantastic and totally appeal to the hot rodder in me - I love that whole 50's Tiki style and really can't wait for this exhibition.

As the man himself says, "Should be a jolly big hoot! Be there if ya’ can, man".

Images copyright Derek Yaniger.

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