Barak Obama: The Freshman

Barak Obama: The Freshman is a collection of great of black and white images taken by Lisa Jack of the US President in his freshman year at Occidental College, LA in 1980.

At the time Lisa Jack was an aspiring photographer. She asked Obama if she could take some black and white portraits of him for her portfolio and he agreed. Over the years Lisa changed her career path and became a psychologist leaving the images untouched and forgotten, that is until Obama started his journey to the White House. Recognising their value, Lisa dug out the images but only revealed them after the election - not wishing to jeopardise his campaign. They were first published in Time magazine's 'Person of the Year' spread, December 2008.

The full set of images will be on display at LA's fabulous M+B gallery from today through to the 18 July. Definitely worth checking out if you are in the vacinity!

Read the full story of these great images here.

Images copyright Lisa Jack.
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Photographer Amanda Lim

We love the work of Sydney based photographer Amanda Lim - her portrait and fashion photography is beautiful and romantic. Her style is reminiscent of one of my favourite photographers Tim Walker - I think it's the strong compositions and that wonderful dreamy feel they have.

If like us, you love Amanda's work and are desperate to see more check out her blog and her great Flickr group.

Images copyright Amanda Lim.

We Stride Worldwide

We Stride Worldwide is currently running at Concrete Hermit until 30th May as the UK leg of it's world tour.

The exhibition is a "collaboration between member galleries of the Rojo ®artspace global network and more than 150 artists". There are some really great UK artists in the show including some of our favourites, Jasper Goodall, Anthony Burrill and Jon Burgerman.

Images copyright Concrete Hermit.
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Winsome & Saucy

Brighton based Winsome & Saucy have just launched their new website to coincide with their open house as part of the Brighton Festival.

"W&S uses yarn produced on the UK, sterling silver, silk ribbon, and the occasional vintage find to make a collection of hand knitted accessories including scarves, necklaces, hair adornments and mittens".

They're sharing an open house with artist Rhys Trussler, 12 - 6pm, every Saturday and Sunday throughout May. Their venue is Kemp Town Trail #21 - Flat 4, 176 Freshfield Road, Brighton BN2 9YD and apparently there's delicious cake on offer for a small donation!

Alternatively, you can check out these fabulous creations in the Winsome & Saucy shop.

Images copyright Winsome & Saucy.