Huge news for UK Charley Harper fans...

Our friends at Castor + Pollux, Brighton have just announced the first UK exhibition of American illustrator Charley Harper's outstanding work. To say we're excited is an understatement!

Fans of Harper will be familiar with his work for Ford Times and know that many of his illustrations were also offered to readers as screen prints.

Well, this exhibition has 22 of the original Ford Times screen prints from the 50's and 60's hand-printed by the Harpers in their basement, along with some later prints from the 70's and 80's printed by the studio.

Last week I was fortunate enough to have a sneaky peak at the work and I can report it's even more amazing in the flesh than it is in any book.

The private view is on Friday 2 July and the exhibition runs from 3 July to 5 September 2010, so there is plenty of time to plan a trip to the seaside (Castor + Pollux is right on the seafront).

Read more about Charley Harper here and here.

Rob Clarke at The Print block

Bird - 7 Colour Screen Print. 255mm X 343mm. Edition of 40. £82.

Great Tit - 4 Colour Screen Print. 255mm X 343mm. Edition of 40. £82.

Bird - 1 Colour Screen Print. 255mm X 343mm. Edition of 25. £58.

Great Tit - 1 Colour Screen Print. 255mm X 343mm. Edition of 25. £58.

If like us, you are a fan of Rob Clarke's work then you'll be very pleased to hear that his work has been officially taken on by Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London.

He's also been busy creating new prints (above) with The Print Block, Whitstable which are now available through their website. I have no idea what kind of bird it is, but the top one is definitely my favourite.

See more of Rob's work here and here.

Nobrow Gallery

Nobrow have just dropped us a note to tell us about their new gallery (above) in fashionable Shoreditch, London!

Nobrow started in 2008 as an "independent publishing platform for illustration and the graphic arts that would showcase some of the best talent out there today, whether fresh out of college or from the ranks of well seasoned veterans".

They're inaugral exhibition Dungeons and Desktops runs until 22 July and is showcasing the wonderful work of illustrator Jack Teagle.

"Dungeons and Desktops is an exhibition that seamlessly melds the worlds of the fantastic and mundane, a cornucopia of staplers and swords, benefits and beasts, hair monsters and HR managers."

Prints, sculptures and original works from their catalogue of published illustrators and artists including Richard Hogg, Joe Crocker and Blexbolex (below) are also available in the gallery.

All images copyright Nobrow.