Sarah Rose Smiley - Schaharazad Photography

Sarah Rose Smiley is an aspiring photographer from Madison, USA who confesses to having “a head that never leaves the clouds” and a “mind bursting at the seams with ideas”.

Her photos have a charming sense of innocence, they’re beautiful and dreamy, but have strong compositions – a powerful combination.

At only 15 years of age, Sarah is one of a new breed of young photographers using the internet to get their talent out there, even before they’ve left full-time education. “Seeing life through a lens”, she says, “seems the only possible path for me”.

I applaud Sarah for having so much passion and confidence at such a young age and for channeling that energy successfully into producing fantastic work.

Images copyright Shaharazad Photography.

Secret Blisters

Print Club are at it again and this time it's Secret Blisters! This annual screen printed poster bonanza still has 35 prints by 35 artists in editions of 35 all hand-pulled, signed and numbered, but this year the artists identities will be kept a secret.

They want people to buy the prints they love and not ones they know are by the big names. There should be a great selection though if it's anything like last year and artists, Miles Donovan, Anthony Burrill, Kate Moross, Jody Barton and Eine are already confirmed to have contributed.

The exhibition runs from 26 - 28 June 2009 at MC Motors, Dalston E8. Events over the weekend include printing your own Pure Evil Tee - Pull a 'Pure Evil' on Saturday and an auction selling framed 1st edition prints from the show on Sunday.

Sounds like a fun weekend. Click here for more info.

Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair

This Sunday is the Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair at the Old Truman Brewery, London. Now in it's 5th year it's the art highlight of the Summer, especially in these credit-crunch times.

“The hippest car boot sale you’re likely to come across in quite a while” THE INDEPENDENT

They have a line-up over over 80 fantastic artists ranging from fresh new talent, with the likes of Pearce and Ramsey, to iconic names like Sir Peter Blake and Pure Evil.

Add in some fashionistas, lots of live entertainment, great food & drink, some arty car booty bargains and it's starting to sound like a jolly good day out. See you there!

Derek Yaniger at Castor + Pollux

Derek Yaniger's Wildsville exhibition, is coming to our favourite local gallery, Castor + Pollux on the 26 June and running until 20 July. The exhibition will contain a selection of old and new prints and will have signed copies of his new book, 'Wildsville; the art of Derek Yaniger' available too!

Originally from Arkansas, Yaniger now lives in Georgia designing and printing his own work which is regularly published in Atomic, Barracuda and Car Kulture Deluxe. Over the years he's also created illustrations for companies like Marvel Comics and the Cartoon network.

His cool, retro illustrations are fantastic and totally appeal to the hot rodder in me - I love that whole 50's Tiki style and really can't wait for this exhibition.

As the man himself says, "Should be a jolly big hoot! Be there if ya’ can, man".

Images copyright Derek Yaniger.

Newly Discovered Marilyn Monroe Photos

More newly discovered photos of an iconic figure, this time a 24 year old Marilyn Monroe.

Life magazine has just released 18 previously unpublished photographs on their website of the Hollywood starlet. The photos are from August 1950 when the then unknown Marilyn did a shoot with Life photographer Ed Clark in Griffith park, LA.

For some reason the shots were never printed in the magazine and the negatives have only just been discovered. "The only clue to why the photos were never published comes via an editor's note found with the negatives in the archives that read, "this take was over-developed and poorly printed."

I normally like very contrasty images, but I really like the washed out feel to these images, to me it adds to them making them more natural and less staged.

Images copyright Life Magazine.
Via QBN.