Gastrotypographicalassemblage at Kemistry Gallery

Well not the actual wall panels we posted about here, but a half-size photographic reproduction of this a 35 x 8ft typographic masterpiece. Gastrotypographicalassemblage was created by Lou Dorfsman for the wall of the CBS cafeteria circa 1966 and included the names of every food item available in the cafeteria at that time.

"We were allowed to have all the spreads and, a 10x8 black and white negative of the entire wall taken on the day it was unveiled. From this we worked with a company called VGL and printed it up at half scale (we couldn't fit full scale in the gallery) and had it stretched by AP Fitzpatrick. For a 45 year old negative the quality we have got from the blowup without any retouching is fantastic."

Gastrotypographicalassemblage: The Designs of Lou Dorfsman is an exhibition at Kemistry Gallery, London celebrating the print and advertising work Dorfsman produced during his time at CBS (1946 - 1987) originally as an art director and later as senior vice president and creative director for marketing communications and design.

The exhibition runs until 30 October 2010 and includes more than 60 original pieces as well as a short film about the Gastrotypographicalassemblage narrated by Dorfsman himself.

Images copyright Kemistry Gallery, taken by Christian Carlsson.
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Julia Trigg at Castor + Pollux

Julia Trigg's large digital collages of gorgeous typographic ephemera are packed full of giant numbers, letters and graphic elements in bold, bright colours. Her new exhibition at Castor + Pollux showcases pieces created from her collection of 1920's - 1950's ham radio cards:

"These amateur hams could have been the first 'techno geeks', making contact with each other through radio, long before telephone was accessible.

They sent each other signals using a type of morse code called Quebec Sign Language and developed their own shorthand - a kind of early text language. They would send each other these letterpress printed 'QSL' cards via post to confirm receipt of the signals - eventually all over the world."

The exhibition previews on Friday and will be open to the public from 18 September to 17 October 2010.

Images copyright Julia Trigg.

Artist + Blacksmith, Agnes Jones

Artist and Blacksmith Agnes Jones has a wonderful illustration style that looks, at first glance loose and whimsical, but is in fact immensely detailed. It's a style I find really lends itself to architectural illustrations, so I love her series of clock towers (above).

Agnes is a trained metalworker and coupled with her creativity as an artist has created some great large scale commissions as well as some very pretty and delicate looking frames (below). She is based in Brighton and is always taking on new commissions, so get in touch here.

Images copyright Agnes Jones.

Muhammad Ali: The Champ

Muhammad Ali: The Champ is a fantastic exhibition currently running at Proud Chelsea gallery until 3 October 2010. Taken by award-winning photographer, Michael Gaffney, the collection documents the public and private life of Muhammad Ali from 1977 to 1978 when he worked as Ali's personal photographer.

"the result of this phenomenal year will reveal Ali the fighter, the friend, the father and the inspiration through the eyes of a true confidant".

It's a rare opportunity to see natural images of such an iconic figure, but if you can't make it down there to see them in person don't despair, you can view the full exhibition online here.

Images copyright Michael Gaffney, taken from Proud Gallery website.

Charley Harper Federal Building Mural

I've read about the Charley Harper mural in the Federal Building Cincinnati, but had no idea it was still in existence until I saw these pics on Visualingual.

The mural illustrates American wildlife in Harper's unique style, easily recognisable even when created in mosaic tiles. In fact his style seems to really lend itself to this discipline.

It's so great to see it in such detail, so huge thanks Visualingual for going down there and then sharing your pics.

PS. Tomorrow is the last day to catch the Charley Harper exhibition at Castor + Pollux, Brighton.

Images copyright Visualingual.