Photographer Valerie Chiang

These gorgeous landscapes are the work of 18 year old photographer Valerie Chiang, born in Taiwan and now living in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Valerie's Flickr portfolio demonstrates a diverse range of styles and subjects as well as great composition in her photography. She has, "a passion for fine art and fashion photography" (below), but it's the mystical landscapes and nostalgic beach scenes that grabbed my attention the most (above). There's something very bewitching about them, maybe it's the bleakness of the scenes, but they all make me want to know more.

Big thanks Valerie for sending over your link.

Images copyright Valerie Chiang.

Greasy Christmas!

We're loving photographer Alan Powdrill's very seasonal new work. Greasy Christmas is a series of images showing the wonderful way our greasy spoon cafes trim-up for Christmas - no expense spared!

My favourite has to be the fairy lights decorating the plug socket, it's like looking at a scene from the start of Casualty.

Thanks for sharing Alan. I hope you didn't eat in any of those places - although that could be a whole other series!

Images copyright Alan Powdrill.