Sarah Rose Smiley - Schaharazad Photography

Sarah Rose Smiley is an aspiring photographer from Madison, USA who confesses to having “a head that never leaves the clouds” and a “mind bursting at the seams with ideas”.

Her photos have a charming sense of innocence, they’re beautiful and dreamy, but have strong compositions – a powerful combination.

At only 15 years of age, Sarah is one of a new breed of young photographers using the internet to get their talent out there, even before they’ve left full-time education. “Seeing life through a lens”, she says, “seems the only possible path for me”.

I applaud Sarah for having so much passion and confidence at such a young age and for channeling that energy successfully into producing fantastic work.

Images copyright Shaharazad Photography.


Sell! Sell! said...

Nice. It has a great feel, and some of those shots could be straight out of the pages of Vogue. In a good way.

Eric said...

I saw you guys here:

You and Megan are awesome!!I've been a photographer for 20 years and and I envy your talent!I have always said when teaching 'all the learned technical shill can be easily over-shadowed by a natural eye for composition.' Great job guys... keep it up!