Newly Discovered Marilyn Monroe Photos

More newly discovered photos of an iconic figure, this time a 24 year old Marilyn Monroe.

Life magazine has just released 18 previously unpublished photographs on their website of the Hollywood starlet. The photos are from August 1950 when the then unknown Marilyn did a shoot with Life photographer Ed Clark in Griffith park, LA.

For some reason the shots were never printed in the magazine and the negatives have only just been discovered. "The only clue to why the photos were never published comes via an editor's note found with the negatives in the archives that read, "this take was over-developed and poorly printed."

I normally like very contrasty images, but I really like the washed out feel to these images, to me it adds to them making them more natural and less staged.

Images copyright Life Magazine.
Via QBN.

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