Angie Lewin at Castor + Pollux

Alliums, Winter Spey, 5 trees

A selection of Angie Lewin's beautiful limited edition prints are currently showing at Castor + Pollux on Brighton Seafront until 17 November. We had a sneak preview yesterday and we love them.

Her work is inspired by contrasting landscapes, plants and seedheads seen on the North Norfolk coast and the Scottish Highlands. The exhibition includes linocuts, wood engravings and lithographs, all immensly detailed and intricate, with a bold use of colour giving them a lovely 1950's feel.

There's large and small prints, framed and unframed, so something for everyone, plus they still have a great selection of Jonny Hannah & Rob Ryan prints on display and some lovely work from Ruth Green (remember her from the Brighton Art Fair post).

Images copyright Angie Lewin.


Crane Kalman are currently showing, ‘FotoRAMBLAS’ an amazing collection of photographs from the archives of a FotoRAMBLAS, a portrait studio situated on Las Ramblas in Barcelona from 1956 until 1998.

The studio created traditional portraits, captured families at special events and specialised in photographing celebrities of the time; actors, dancers, musicians, boxers and wrestlers. They give a wonderful insight into the fashions, trends and social culture of Barcelona at that time and have a beautifully nostalgic air about them. The dancers are my favourite - they look so glamorous in their full costume and there’s a great super-sized version of the top left image in the exhibition.

The exhibition is part of the Brighton Photo Fringe, which runs alongside the Brighton Photo Biennale (3 October - 9 November) so there’s still plenty of time to get down there. Can't make it - don't worry, more information about FotoRAMBLAS can be found here.

Images copyright FotoRAMBLAS.

Chema Madoz

Yesterday I came across the work of Spanish photographer, Chema Madoz for the very first time and I have fallen in love with it. His images have everything I like to see in photography - humour, simplicity and strong lighting.

Madoz was introduced to photography and imaging in the early 80’s whilst studying art history at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and it seems it was his true calling, having had 2 decades of successful solo and collective exhibitions to date.

His photos are black & white, surrealist images created using everyday objects, shown in a new light, juxtaposed or with a witty twist. The lighting and contrast of the images enhances the intensity and creates an effortless beauty, even though you may be looking at a pair of scissors and a needle, or a burnt out matchstick!

I do hope he’s planning a UK exhibition sometime soon, it would be great to see these photos in the flesh.

Images copyright Chema Madoz.

Pancake Breakfast

Some great illustration at Pancake Breakfast, the online portfolio of illustrator/designer Evan Geltosky who recently graduated from Cal State Long Beach.

The Zine above can be bought via his site and if you like the tees, be sure to vote for your favourite over at Design By Humans to help get them into production.