Crane Kalman are currently showing, ‘FotoRAMBLAS’ an amazing collection of photographs from the archives of a FotoRAMBLAS, a portrait studio situated on Las Ramblas in Barcelona from 1956 until 1998.

The studio created traditional portraits, captured families at special events and specialised in photographing celebrities of the time; actors, dancers, musicians, boxers and wrestlers. They give a wonderful insight into the fashions, trends and social culture of Barcelona at that time and have a beautifully nostalgic air about them. The dancers are my favourite - they look so glamorous in their full costume and there’s a great super-sized version of the top left image in the exhibition.

The exhibition is part of the Brighton Photo Fringe, which runs alongside the Brighton Photo Biennale (3 October - 9 November) so there’s still plenty of time to get down there. Can't make it - don't worry, more information about FotoRAMBLAS can be found here.

Images copyright FotoRAMBLAS.

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These photos are fantastic, thanks.