Angie Lewin at Castor + Pollux

Alliums, Winter Spey, 5 trees

A selection of Angie Lewin's beautiful limited edition prints are currently showing at Castor + Pollux on Brighton Seafront until 17 November. We had a sneak preview yesterday and we love them.

Her work is inspired by contrasting landscapes, plants and seedheads seen on the North Norfolk coast and the Scottish Highlands. The exhibition includes linocuts, wood engravings and lithographs, all immensly detailed and intricate, with a bold use of colour giving them a lovely 1950's feel.

There's large and small prints, framed and unframed, so something for everyone, plus they still have a great selection of Jonny Hannah & Rob Ryan prints on display and some lovely work from Ruth Green (remember her from the Brighton Art Fair post).

Images copyright Angie Lewin.

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Anonymous said...

Nice work, reminds me a bit of those 1950's patterns you see on old plates and tabletops. :-)