Robert Clarke

These gorgeous little fellows are the wonderful work of artist Robert Clarke.

Clarke studied at Central St Martins in the early 80's and throughout his varied career of being a lecturer, art director, curator and interior design consultant, he has always found pleasure painting birds.

These days he gets to paint and draw birds fulltime. The drawings (above) are A4 and the paintings (below) are 10 x 8" varnished acrylics with the bird sounds also incorporated into the layout. I love them all, but the Bullfinch is definitely my favourite!

Hopefully we'll be stocking some of these cheeky chappies when the online store opens (which won't be long now!), but in the meantime they can be bought from Elphicks and FRANK.

Images copyright Robert Clarke.


Alex Hornsby said...

these are FANTASTISCH!

Alfies said...

Beautiful birdies!

Anonymous said...

Robert Clarke from Barnfield?????

Delicious Industries said...

Anon - I'm not sure, i know his studio is in Southwark if that helps.