Wren Photography

Wren Photography sent us some of their work last week and I couldn't wait to share it. These dance, movement images are fantastic - I love the lighting and the contrast of the brick backdrop. In fact I think it's the lighting on all these images that really makes them stand out.

Wren wants to, “make pictures that intrigue and capture my viewer’s attention. I want them to make a connection. Second guess, think, and construct their own stories within the ingredients I give them. This is what sums up the aim and ideas behind the images I produce".

Check out the rest of Wren's portfolio here.

Images copyright Wren Photography.

New work from Nirrimi Joy Hakanson

More great images from young Australian photographer, Nirrimi Joy Hakanson.

Nirrimi caused quite a stir last year when her photography appeared on many blogs (including ours) and people realised that this was the work of a 15 year old girl.

Well now she's 16 and her work is just getting stronger and stronger - check out all her new images here.

All images copyright Nirrimi Joy Hakanson.

Rob Clarke's Dogs

These "pesky mutts" as Rob calls them are some of his latest works. I absolutely love this Italian Greyhound - it's facial expression and it's ears are wonderful. The collection includes coloured drawings and varnished acrylics, all original one-off pieces, signed and dated.

They'll be available from Elphick's and Frank in the next couple of weeks, but here's a little sneak preview...

Check out Rob's bird works here.

Images copyright Robert Clarke.