Avedon Fashion: 1944 - 2000

Who doesn't love Richard Avedon's work? His photography is amazing, it has character, energy and wit everything I love in a photograph. I can't believe this exhibition has past me by until now!

The International Centre of Photography in New York are exhibiting, 'Avedon Fashion: 1944 - 2000' until September 2009 - "the most comprehensive exploration to date of Avedon's fashion photography during his long career at Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, The New Yorker, and beyond".

"The exhibition will feature more than 200 works by Richard Avedon, spanning his entire career, and will include vintage prints, contact sheets, magazine layouts, and archival material."

I really want to see this, but if I can't get over to the big apple I'll have to make do with the gorgeous exhibition catalogue.

Images copyright The RIchard Avedon Foundation.

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