New York Street Photography

Images copyright Rick Bajornas.

I came across Rick Bajornas photography work today an instantly loved it - I do have a liking for very contrasty images, maybe it's because they look more dramatic. These images are from his collection of New York Street photographs, 2001 -2007, so I thought it would be interesting to post them up alongside the black and white street photography of Helen Levitt, an American photographer born in NY in 1913 ...

Images copyright Helen Levitt.

Levitt devoted her long career, that started in the early 30's, to street photography in NY. She is said to be, 'the most celebrated and least known photographer of her time' even though her work spans almost 70 years. She photographed the people in her neighbourhood and the goings on of everyday life. The above photos are from the 1940's, so it's quite a contrast to look at them next to the Bajornas ones from 60 years earlier - life back then seems a lot less hectic and a lot more carefree than it does these days!

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